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“I used Üllo to make a $5 bottle of terrible British wine drinkable”

“Aged wines taste more fresh and young wines taste less bitter. And no headaches for me…”

“…removes sulfites (a chemical preservative) from your favorite glass or bottle of wine, returning wine to its natural, pure state.”

“Üllo’s products will allow wine drinkers to remove the sulfites. The sulfites become bonded to the [filter], and the rest of the wine flows through.”

“Northwestern grads develop a wine purifier to make your favorite $5 bottle taste better.”

“This amazing purifier may be the key to making cheap wine taste better.”

“…remove sulfites and sediment as you pour out your favorite vintage.” “Best for dinner parties with scientists.”

“Enjoy wine in its purest form thanks to this handy wine purifier”

“The revolutionary product aims to rid wine of the popular preservative which can alter the flavor profiles…or act as the source of headaches for drinkers.”

“Sulphites are widely present in wines…but sulphites are a recognized allergen and their presence must be printed on bottle labels…”

Risk & Reward’s Dierdre Bolton interviews Üllo inventor James Kornacki in advance of their crowdfunding launch.

“A great idea and beautiful looking product designed right here on the west side of Chicago.”

“It’s been my philosophy since day one that wine should not be pretentious, and it doesn’t have to be.” – Üllo inventor James Kornacki

“This is a great invention.”

“the product and the system is beautiful, it definitely has a place at my table.”

“...Sulfite Capture™ technology, which can filter away free sulfites and their bitter taste, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected.”

“This wine purifier is so easy to use and had everything we needed right in the package.”

“I’ve used wine purifiers in the past but haven’t found one that I truly love until trying Ullo.”

“It even looks great! Designed with simplicity and purpose, Üllo works to purify wine by the glass or bottle, with an option to aerate.”

“Purify your wine for a delectable drinking experience with the Üllo Wine...”

Ullo Wine Purifier in its ’16 Kitchen Gadgets A Chef Can’t Live Without’ Article


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