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Ullo Wine Purifier Sees Success on Buy It Now!

by James Kornacki

Ullo Wine Purifier Sees Success on Buy It Now!

Üllo secures new listing with Firebox.com after the brands Founder, James Kornacki, appeared on Channel 4’s Buy it Now.

Üllo is a Chicago-based start-up that successfully launched into the UK in September 2017. The brands hero product, the Üllo Wine Purifier is the first-of-its-kind and works restores wine to its natural state using Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology. This technology acts as a magnet to remove sulphites, whilst retaining all other compounds in the wine. Thanks to this innovative process, consumers are now able to enjoy wine as if their bottle was opened right at the vineyard.

Recently, the brand’s Founder, James Kornacki, appeared as a contestant on Channel 4’s Buy it Now to pitch the revolutionary Üllo Wine Purifier to potential customers and a panel of UK retailers. With just 90 seconds to pitch and impress the audience, Kornacki managed to successfully walk away on the day with a new listing on Firebox.com. Kornacki comments, “having to pitch a product that I, along with the Üllo team, have worked so hard on for so long in just 90 seconds was extremely challenging, but it was also really exciting! It was a real buzz to pitch directly to all of the retailers on the day too and I couldn’t be happier to be working with Firebox as a result of my time on show!”

Kornacki was inspired to create Üllo after he learnt that his aunt was unable to drink wine because of her intolerance to sulphites, a chemical that is added to wine as a preservative. It was then that he made it his mission to use his scientific acumen to create a filter that would allow consumers to enjoy wine as if their bottle was opened right at the vineyard. This journey led James to develop the brand’s innovative Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology, and since then the company has continued to grow.

In addition to Firebox.com, Üllo is available on Amazon as well as the brands own online shop www.ullowine.com. Recently, the brand has also launched into Harrods, within the iconic retailers newly refurbished Fine Wines and Spirits Rooms. Worldwide, Üllo is also currently stocked within a range of other prominent retailers including Bloomingdales in the US and El Corte Inglés in Spain.

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